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Smile Cushionous | Autumnal Shades

Posted on - 27/09/2017

The new Smile Cushionous designed in Bessie May SMILE, using pop autumnal shades ~ so perfect for a starting project for the season.

Worked completely in Knit Stitch, with front and back of cushion worked in one piece, moving between four lovely shades. Commenced with just one stitch and increased every wrong side row as the front grows, then decreasing every wrong side row reducing and shaping back and cushion casing.

Additional techniques which are great to practice, are utilised in the adding of a side border to close one of two open sides, using pick up and knit, and then three cable cast off. The other open side being finished with style with a folding button band, which is a really neat and stylish way of adding a tidy, stylish and hardwearing button band, so a great skill to crack.

Completing the cushion cover with these borders means there is no seaming ~ which is the best missing technique!

If you just want a simple knit project, the above bands do not necessarily need to be added, as the single piece can simply be mattress stitched on only two sides fully enclosing the cushion pad.

We hope you enjoy ~ Kit can be found below!

Bessie May Knit Kit | Free Pattern Download | 5 Balls of Bessie May Smile for the price of 4

Bessie May Grannie Crochet Flower Designs

Posted on - 30/04/2012

What a better way to spend time on a rainy day in the Bessie May Studio than to design some Bessie May Crochet Grannie Shapes. Opportunity to work with the beautiful spring/summer colours of Bessie May Honor, with the aim of making pretty Bessie May Grannie Shapes ‘Flower Design’ building on traditional grannie shapes.

Aim to make a very soft, almost bouncy Grannie Shape, moving away from the traditional ‘double and treble stitching’ used in most Grannie Shapes, decided to use ‘bubble stitch’ where usually you find ‘trebles’. Using green of Bessie May Honor Zing, for a green centred flower, then petals in blues, yellows, and soft sherbet pink, wrapped in a boarder of soft cream of Bessie May Honor Star.

Started with circles with a blend of ‘bubble’ and ‘treble’ stitches, but favourite has become the hexagonal, created with all ‘bubble stitch’, with a pretty ‘double stitch’ frame, with pretty loops (3 chains), so can connect with ease as you go along…!!!

Can see the finished blanket/cushion cover/etc… already – just a few more rainy days required!

Why don’t you have a go…!


Bessie May – Zing & Zest ‘Swing’ Top

Posted on - 14/03/2012

Spring is definitely here, and so is the Bessie May Spring Designs – the newly hot off the needles Bessie May Honor – Zing and Zest ‘Swing’ Top, with vintage lemon zest button detailing emphasising the swish neck line.

Knitted in two tone Bessie May Honor – of course the Yellow of Zest and Green of ‘Zing‘.

Large, netting effect fabric, created by knitting using one very large needle, and one much smaller – fun to do, as well as creating a lovely elastic fabric, which drapes effectively for the ‘Swing’ design.

Perfect to wear on its own, or over a long sleeve top, so good for now, and when the summer arrives….

Here are the lovely zing and pastel shades of Bessie May Honor – so any colour combination would be fantastic. Can be made without the stripe, so two tone, by single colour for all the rib framing, and second colour for fabric, or just in a single colour all over, creating lots of different options, and effects.

The colour combination being inspired, by some material purchased in a thrift shop in the depth of  winter, as a Spring reminder!…






City Dream Fingerless Mitts – in Bessie May Hug, by Rainbowdreamknits

Posted on - 06/03/2012

Hey – Rainbowdreamknits on Etsy has been busy designing and creating fun fingerless mitts in Bessie May HUG, in deep battleship grey!

They look so cosy….!

Take a peak!















Bessie May – Honor – Shell Design

Posted on - 24/02/2012

Bessie May Design continues, with Bessie May Shell lacy summer top, created in – Honor, in a beautiful soft grey/silver, with a soft sheen, creating a summer lacy top suitable for a warm summer evening, or bright spring day..

Design has many advantages, as  easy to wear, but brings style to any outfit, casual or more formal. A soft scooped neckline, can be worn as is, or over either a long sleeved fitted top, or even pretty lacy summer cami top, which can complement any outfit, as colour will go with everything.

Bessie May Honor, is the best quality microfibre, and is so soft it does a good imitation of cashmere, but at a snip of a price, easy care, and lovely to work with – take a look at the on trend Spring/Summer Pastel & Zing colours we have invented – Bessie May Honor Colours.

Lace Stitch work is much more easy than it looks, and made top down, with only seams being on left and right side, creating a lovely hang of the top and arms.

Just need to get this written up – hoping to publish pattern design asap….!

Hope you like…









Bessie May – Bee – Pearl Design

Posted on - 24/02/2012

Bessie May Bee – Pearl Design – inspired by the traditional ‘Twin Set & Pearl’, but created in bright and zing colours, aligned with Spring/Summer cat walk shades.

Created for Bessie May, Bee – our 100% DK pure cotton, with slugs of cotton bees that create a soft, and textured fabric, that enhances the lacy and wavy patterning design. Take a look here at Bessie May Bee, colour choices.

Vintage buttons just arrived from Texas, to ensure that finishing touch, in 1920 glass, matching perfectly the ‘Fresh Primrose’ green Bee.

Now all being finished, hope to publish pattern design real soon…!



Bessie May Pictures

Posted on - 20/06/2011

We work hard to create only beautiful pictures. If you like them, take a look at our Bessie May tumblr account, and you can see them closer!

Leave us a message and let us know which ones you like!

Our lace design

Posted on - 16/06/2011

Once you have a Lace pattern that you like try knitting it into a semi circle, and then you realise that you have a lovely neckline and floating sleeves all in one piece!

This Lace stitch pattern was a series of 6 rows, created by by just reducing stitches, and then increasing them again.

Add three triangles (one laced), to the front and back, and you have a flattering top.

Our free style crochet design

Posted on - 16/06/2011

Crochet is sheer freedom on a stick – you can go in any direction!

This design started with the circular design at its bottom right, and developed from there organically, which is just perfect when working in crochet.

Cotton yarn is fantastic for showing crochet design off to the full!

Our contour and distressing design

Posted on - 16/06/2011

An example of how by creating short rows contour shaping and patterning can occur. Emphasis the contour by using different colours – even stripes, as here.

Stitch manipulation is so much fun to create distressing – try creating runs, twisting stitches, dropping stitches, then picking them up again, there are no limits!

You could also distress by felting some of the fabric, if you are feeling daring….!

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