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Posted on - 26/04/2021

It is exciting to be creating a Blog about looking forward through Spring to Summer, rather than the dreaded COVID.

As we move ahead to May and ability to be more out and about, small spring and summer projects are great to have in the pocket. Boho Crochet, or light tops and jackets in bright and fresh colours, as well as small designs for summer babies are perfect to fit the season.

Bessie May creation is a lovely crochet blanket for a precious newborn due in July, made in the softest Bessie May SNIKEL, 4ply, extra fine merino – so fine and soft and perfect for a precious newly awaited baby.

Enjoy whatever you are working on, and planning next of course…. and the sunshine

Best wishes x

Classic Bessie May Inspiration | Nettle Wave & Cable Cowl

Posted on - 15/01/2018

A great project for cabling skill growth ~ ending with the Classic Bessie May Nettle Wave & Cable Cowl.

A Bessie May Classic originally launched in 2013 at Ally Pally Knit & Stitch Show.

A lovely project for a few dark January evenings ~ lots already made, but the world needs more Nettle Cowl Style.

Take a PEEK HERE to see more details

~ pattern and yarn (5 x 50g balls) for £21.96, six lovely shades to choose from ~

Enjoy x


Bessie May Nettle – shades of choice


Buon Anno | From Bessie May

Posted on - 10/01/2018

Happy New Year ~ another exciting year for everything Knit.

We are looking forward to new designs, new techniques and new yarn combinations and we hope all our customers are as well.

January is a good time to clear out all those projects nearly completed, and finish off items that are nearly there. You will for sure find things that you forgot you had even commenced, and surprise yourself with how lovely they are.

Enjoy a January of Knit Delights xxx

Merry Knitmas

Posted on - 22/12/2017

We would like to say a big thank you to all our lovely customers, who we are sure are too busy to look at this, as they are still completing that special knit gift for someone special.

We are closed now until 8 January 2018, but pattern downloads can still be purchased during this period, with any yarn orders being dispatched on our first day back in the studio.

Enjoy, and allow some fun time to plan some new projects for the New Year.

Merry Christmas, from all at the Bessie May Studio.

Autumnal Yarn | Bessie May Nettle | 20% Discount

Posted on - 02/10/2017

Autumn shades are everywhere as the trees and fields change colour, with the arrival of October.

So Aran Yarns, Natural Fibres and Autumnal Shades are a must for a new project, small or large.

So what pops onto the wish list ~ Bessie May Nettle ~ it’s favourite time of year to play is now!

Seventy percent Nettle Fibre that is undyed and provides a natural fleck to all the lovely shades, which are dyed organic wool.

To all Bessie Mayer’s there is a 20% discount for all of this month on this perfect Autumnal Yarn.

Just use the Voucher Code: nettle1017 at the checkout to receive.

Click here to take a peek at the lovely shades



BM Smile Lacy Leaf | Knit Shaping ~ Darts

Posted on - 15/07/2017

Shaping or sometimes referred to as fashioning, can be the difference between making a garment that fits well, looks beautiful and becomes a favourite to wear, to one that doesn’t fit or hang right, and is uncomfortable to wear.

As with sewing, knitting skills allow for different shaping methods, meaning that just because you are working in yarn, you don’t have to create something that hangs with little style.

Sometimes it is good to look at knitted garments manufactured for the shops, and you will see most shaping is done by working the pattern pieces flat and then cutting their shape and seaming together, which is the cheapest manufacturing method.

Some question why some knitwear that is ‘fashioned’ is so expensive. It is because it has been created using shaping methods, such as darts, raglan shaping for sleeves, etc, that mean the garment should fit well and look amazing when worn, as well as last forever if cared for, but of course making a garment this way takes more time and care, so costs more to manufacture.

The Smile Lacy Leaf Design is being knitted in one piece top down ~ a great method for incorporating shaping as you work, with the use of a mannequin you can ensure your fit is perfect as you go. Take a peek at why Provisional Cast Off is something worth giving a go.

Here you can see the shaping taking effect. Four Darts are being worked, one on the right and left side of the Front and Back. The Darts are positioned here so that they do not move the two parallel Lacy Leaf patterning, but as you can see enable fitting around the breast and into the waist.

These Darts are being worked by using a stitch marker at the position of where the dart is required, and then on appropriate rounds decreases are made by working to two stitches before the stitch marker and then working a Slip Slip Knit (SSK), slipping the stitch marker (sl marker), knitting one (K1), then knitting two together, (K2tog), reducing the stitch count by two. On the opposite dart on the piece, the workings are slightly different, knitting to three stitches before the stitch marker, then doing SSK, K1, sl marker, K2tog.

The SSK and K2tog mean that the decrease is neat, as the stitches point downwards towards each other on the garment, creating a symmetrical ‘V’, so the shaping looks professionally styled.

For those who have not worked a Slip Slip Knit (SSK), which decreases one stitch, this is done by slipping two stitches knitwise one at a time, inserting the tip of the left needle into both stitches and knitting the two stitches together.

Shaping can be used in so many ways, so learning different methods is never wasted energy, as even when working a garment that is not coming out as expected, add a few shaping techniques in and it can change that right around.


Spring Colour Day!!

Posted on - 24/04/2017

Bessie May Studio has got hooked on colour today – Spring is in the air, and pastels and zing colours are influencing the cat walks. Here are some Bessie May pics that make us smile, with the hope of spring just around the corner.

Bessie May design inspiration, and yarns, as well as fabrics & art – could go on all day…..

Yarns and colours to inspire:

Bessie May ‘Bee’ 100% Pure Cotton, with little slugs of cotton bees, bedding into the fabric as it is created – take a peak at the Bee Colours.

& how about some pastels, zing and sheen, in the bestest price, and bestest quality, bestest microfibre- popular Bessie May ‘Honor’ – in the bestest Honor Colour.

Bessie May ‘Snikel’, as soft as it sounds, in 100% EXTRA FINE Merino Wool – the finest qualities, in beautiful soft pastel and fresh colours help to inspire that special project – Snikel Colours.

You can’t miss out on Super Kid Mohair & Silk – beautiful lace yarn, as soft as a cloud Bessie May ‘Grace’, with colours that glow due to the quality of the Mohair which becomes iridescent when dyed – Grace Colours.


Cold Snap Projects

Posted on - 01/12/2016

With the cold snap everywhere Winter Projects certainly kick in in earnest, and now feel right. Having been so mild it has felt weird working with chunky wool and making large wooly creations designed to suit the weather we now have.

It is so quick and easy to create a warm scarf, or mitts for yourself or for a gift for someone you love, and an endless choice of colours and styles.

Even if you can only work in knit stitch or stockinette stitch, a scarf in a colour you love, or yarn that you can’t resist touching, you can make something not only practical, but at the same time beautiful. Also you gain satisfaction, relaxation and build your skills ~ so why wouldn’t you?…

We hope you have the confidence to have a go, and even if you don’t, jump in and your confidence will quickly follow.

Have a browse of some of our scarves and cowl kits and get inspired to start clicking those needles.


New Bessie May Projects 2016

Posted on - 14/01/2016

We hope everyone had a lovely break over Christmas and New Year.

Now Christmas knits are all done, we can’t wait to see what gets created in 2016, in another full year of knitting ahead to enjoy x

Christmas Projects ~ Crochet 4ply SNIKEL Swirls

Posted on - 08/12/2015

All needles are clicking late into the night at this time of year all over the world.That special present that was intended to be started months ago suddenly hits critical point, but determination and late nights will ensure it is all wrapped and ready for watching the face of the recipient as they open it.

The needles for sure at the Bessie May Studio are working overtime ~ here is a glimpse of one of the projects which is setting the crochet hooks on fire ~ pretty Crochet 4ply SNIKEL Swirls, being made into a throw for a double bed ~ mad but true.

So soft, as being made with Bessie May SNIKEL, what more can be said.

No panic here ……………….!!! Can you tell…….?




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