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Crochet Loveliness

Posted on - 14/07/2015

Sara from Crochet Per Se is busy making a beautiful ripple crochet baby blanket. She was looking for vibrant colours, and chose Bessie May SMILE, and doesn’t her creation look amazing so far.

Keep going Sarah, and send us a pic of your finished lovely x

Weavers ~ Sacred Valley Peru

Posted on - 29/05/2015

Sorry we have been quiet for a while, we have been exploring Peru, and all things colourful ~ woven, knitted, embroidered, by so many amazing crafts men and women

We shall be sharing some of our experiences and pictures to boost our memories, and share some amazing traditional crafts still in use on a daily basis.

Here are some hand loom weavers, working on different scale looms, using Alpaca Wool, or Cotton. No patterns in use, the intricate designs are passed down from generation to generation, and all stored in the memory. When I get confused which is stockinette stitch, and which is garter stitch, this is amazing to watch.

All wearing traditional dress, which is worn as a norm in the Andes in the Sacred Valley where these ladies live in small farming communities.

The Sacred Valley is at 2,792 metres high, so for most europeans a challenge to breathe let alone farm and travel the Inka trail, but worth all the challenges to see such beautiful craft ladies in action.

Many of the men in tribes in the Andes also weave, always creating bright colours for themselves to wear, often with the yarns hand spun and dyed with natural dyes.

Here are four pictures of different styles of looms, but there are many more.

All in all a special experience to witness x


BM Knit Tip | Provisional Cast-Off

Posted on - 10/02/2015

Provisional Cast-Off sounds very grand, but it is simply about securing your stitches so that you can remove your knit from the needles for reasons such as:

~ Measuring your knitting accurately, or trying it on

~ Attaching an edging such as a fringe

~ Grafting two pieces together, eg at the shoulders of a jumper

~ or you may even want to gather the stitches together

Don’t be afraid to remove your knit from your needles, just ensure you secure each and every stitch.

Put simply, using a blunt needle and a long length of yarn in a different colour, you thread it through all the stitches, and you can then tie the ends together to secure, and easily remove the needles. If you use a yarn no thicker than the one being used for the knit, then you can remove it and place the stitches back on your needles easily.

It is great practice to check your knitting regularly for fit and size etc, and removing it from the needles really helps making this far more accurate, so don’t be afraid, and have a go.

Sometimes you may find that you even create a different design by draping the knit on a mannequin whilst off its needles, as you can see other design options, and ideas.

FREE Knit Pattern | Woman’s Hour Tea Cosy

Posted on - 22/01/2015

How about a Tea Cosy for all those lovers of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 each day.

Enjoy the FREE Pattern.


Radio 4 | Enjoy 13 Programmes about Knitting

Posted on - 22/01/2015

What a perfect thing to take a listen to whilst knitting. Radio 4 have just released 13 programmes all about knitting.

Enjoy x


FREE Crochet Patterns | Mug Hugs

Posted on - 19/01/2015

How about trying some new Crochet Stitches, and ending up with three pretty Mug Hugs

Below is the link to the FREE Patterns from Simply Crochet, all done in Bessie May Smile, in pretty Berry, Kiss & Lichen, yum. x


Crafternoon Ideas

Posted on - 07/01/2015

Simply Crochet Magazine designs in Bessie May Smile ~ Issue 27, January 2015

Everything you need for crocheting and afternoon tea.

Beautiful shades of Bessie May Cloud, Bessie May Lichen, Bessie May Berry and Bessie May Kiss

~ just like little angel fancies

CRAFTERNOON IDEAS designed by Anne Egen, Sarah Huntington, Hannah Cross

Show & Tell | WindUp Three

Posted on - 24/11/2014

There were some amazing designs brought to WindUp Three for the Show & Tell table, which soon got christened the Shontelle table, which seemed funny at the time!

Here are some items that were shared, and admired.

Thanks to all who brought their designs for sharing, & hope to see more in December.


WindUp Two ~ Thanks & Pics

Posted on - 27/10/2014

Well Saturday, and WindUp Two, has been and gone, and all seemed like a dream.

We want to say thanks to everyone who came and visited and joined in on Saturday, with all lovely people from far and wide ~ Billingshurst, Lewes (by public transport ~ what an expedition), Burgess Hill, London, Brighton, the list goes on.

Four hours in a pretty hall, with just chit chat, laughter, and industrious, creative, clever, knitting and crocheting all the way. It was just inspiring to see all the beautiful designs in progress, and made me go straight home and get my needles working, although I don’t ever need that much persuading, but such a nice way to get inspiration. I certainly experienced knit envy when I saw some of the amazing things being made ~ so much talent in one room.

We have to share the best statement of the day, which was “This is Better than Ally Pally” ~ beautiful vendors, space to meet others, and chill out, drink tea and coffee and generally have a relaxing time.

A great idea suggested by our visitors from Lewes, was to introduce a show and tell table, so everyone can share their recent finished articles, as being knitters we are all nosey about what everyone else is doing, so this has been added to the list for WindUp Three.

Bessie May and Textile Garden decided to put this event together in the Summer, and we are really pleased we made it happen, together with ongoing attendance by ByHookCrochet, YAK, Fibreactive, The Little House of Patchwork. We all value this time to meet customers, each other, and also share our products, so that people get the chance to look, feel and see what we are all about, as well as meet us, and put a name to a face.

WindUp Three is planned already for Saturday 20 November, and we have a couple of new vendors we are very excited about, who are going to join us, and will share more soon. We can guarantee they only sell lovely stuff, so I am saving up already, as each time I have come away with things I didn’t plan to get.

Here are some pics of everyone in action ~ apologies about the quality but done on a mobile.

Carole’s Cowl

Posted on - 01/07/2014

Carole has completed her Bessie May Nettle Wave & Cable Cowl ~ using Bessie May Nettle in the silvery grey shade of Ash

Oh such a beautiful job x



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