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Smile Cushionous | Autumnal Shades

Posted on - 23/11/2017

The new Smile Cushionous designed in Bessie May SMILE, using pop autumnal shades ~ so perfect for a starting project for the season.

Worked completely in Knit Stitch, with front and back of cushion worked in one piece, moving between four lovely shades. Commenced with just one stitch and increased every wrong side row as the front grows, then decreasing every wrong side row reducing and shaping back and cushion casing.

Additional techniques which are great to practice, are utilised in the adding of a side border to close one of two open sides, using pick up and knit, and then three cable cast off. The other open side being finished with style with a folding button band, which is a really neat and stylish way of adding a tidy, stylish and hardwearing button band, so a great skill to crack.

Completing the cushion cover with these borders means there is no seaming ~ which is the best missing technique!

If you just want a simple knit project, the above bands do not necessarily need to be added, as the single piece can simply be mattress stitched on only two sides fully enclosing the cushion pad.

We hope you enjoy ~ Kit can be found below!

Bessie May Knit Kit | Free Pattern Download | 5 Balls of Bessie May Smile

Autumnal Yarn | Bessie May Nettle | 20% Discount

Posted on - 02/10/2017

Autumn shades are everywhere as the trees and fields change colour, with the arrival of October.

So Aran Yarns, Natural Fibres and Autumnal Shades are a must for a new project, small or large.

So what pops onto the wish list ~ Bessie May Nettle ~ it’s favourite time of year to play is now!

Seventy percent Nettle Fibre that is undyed and provides a natural fleck to all the lovely shades, which are dyed organic wool.

To all Bessie Mayer’s there is a 20% discount for all of this month on this perfect Autumnal Yarn.

Just use the Voucher Code: nettle1017 at the checkout to receive.

Click here to take a peek at the lovely shades



Spring Colour Day!!

Posted on - 24/04/2017

Bessie May Studio has got hooked on colour today – Spring is in the air, and pastels and zing colours are influencing the cat walks. Here are some Bessie May pics that make us smile, with the hope of spring just around the corner.

Bessie May design inspiration, and yarns, as well as fabrics & art – could go on all day…..

Yarns and colours to inspire:

Bessie May ‘Bee’ 100% Pure Cotton, with little slugs of cotton bees, bedding into the fabric as it is created – take a peak at the Bee Colours.

& how about some pastels, zing and sheen, in the bestest price, and bestest quality, bestest microfibre- popular Bessie May ‘Honor’ – in the bestest Honor Colour.

Bessie May ‘Snikel’, as soft as it sounds, in 100% EXTRA FINE Merino Wool – the finest qualities, in beautiful soft pastel and fresh colours help to inspire that special project – Snikel Colours.

You can’t miss out on Super Kid Mohair & Silk – beautiful lace yarn, as soft as a cloud Bessie May ‘Grace’, with colours that glow due to the quality of the Mohair which becomes iridescent when dyed – Grace Colours.


New Bessie May Projects 2016

Posted on - 14/01/2016

We hope everyone had a lovely break over Christmas and New Year.

Now Christmas knits are all done, we can’t wait to see what gets created in 2016, in another full year of knitting ahead to enjoy x

Christmas Projects ~ Crochet 4ply SNIKEL Swirls

Posted on - 08/12/2015

All needles are clicking late into the night at this time of year all over the world.That special present that was intended to be started months ago suddenly hits critical point, but determination and late nights will ensure it is all wrapped and ready for watching the face of the recipient as they open it.

The needles for sure at the Bessie May Studio are working overtime ~ here is a glimpse of one of the projects which is setting the crochet hooks on fire ~ pretty Crochet 4ply SNIKEL Swirls, being made into a throw for a double bed ~ mad but true.

So soft, as being made with Bessie May SNIKEL, what more can be said.

No panic here ……………….!!! Can you tell…….?




Autumnal Leaves

Posted on - 26/10/2015

As October comes to an end autumnal colours are at their best.

Being surrounding by all these amazing autumnal shades and shapes has been the perfect influence for our designing, at the Bessie May Studio.

We have been exploring textured, chunky leaf designs, and this is our favourite, using chunky Bessie May SNUG in the perfect autumnal shade of Lichen, which is new in.

What a beautiful blend….

Bessie May Autumnal SNUG Leaves and Cables


FREE Knit Pattern | Woman’s Hour Tea Cosy

Posted on - 22/01/2015

How about a Tea Cosy for all those lovers of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 each day.

Enjoy the FREE Pattern.


WindUp Three | Thanks & Pics

Posted on - 24/11/2014

Wow ~ WindUp Three on Saturday was a fibre buzz.

Thanks to all the lovely people that came along from near and far and joined in, with the amazing clack of needles, chat and laughter, and our amazing stash vendors.

This month we had three new stash vendors ~ mo with her amazing needle felting, Julie all the way from France, with the most beautiful crochet you can see, all in cashmere and pure lovely colours, and Mike who brought his amazing handmade ceramic yarn pots, which were all snapped up well before the end of the four hours, so a real hit. As well as YAK with beautiful yarns and notions.

Textile Gardens were there with their amazing collection of buttons, braid and lace, next to us Bessie May. We both arrange the event, and are so pleased with the support and feedback, which makes the effort all worthwhile.

Here are some pics of knitting in action, and some of our lovely stash sellers.

Thanks to everyone, and see you hopefully for our Christmas Vibe WindUp Four on 20 December. x

WindUp | 6 September | Bring Your Latest Project

Posted on - 05/09/2014

TOMORROW is the first WindUp Event to be held in Steyning, and final preparations are underway in the Bessie May Studio and Textile Garden Bunker.

We have 102 Cup Cakes (yes 102), vintage table cloths, rag wrapped flower jam jars, and a million miles of bunting made by Maggie the Bunting Queen, for our beautiful venue.

There are six lovely vendors, all offering different knit and stitch ideas and products, to get your needles twitching.

Bring your latest project to share, while you take some tea/coffee and cake refreshment (yes they all must go).

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Everyone is welcome and entrance is FREE x

Find out a bit more on the WindUp Blog


Try the Cubet Cowl

Posted on - 23/10/2013

New Knit Kit ~ perfect for winter, and presents for Christmas

Take a peek at the Bessie May Cubet Cowl, in three different Colour Ways.

A Chunky, 3D, Graphic Colour Design ~ fun to wear, and even more fun to make. Add in a little bit of Colour Work along the way.

Learn how to set up Tubes, connect Tubes, and move stitches to create 3D bends and twists ~ all covered in the pattern notes, and once learnt you will be addicted to these techniques!

Hope you like the clashing shades, using some of our new Bessie May Snug (fine merino), bright shades.

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