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Renaissance Wall – Pitti Filati – Yarn Techniques

Posted on - 13/07/2012

There was so much to see at the Renaissance Exhibition at Pitti Filati last week. The exhibition commenced with a wall of machine knit technique square samples created in the perfect yarns from each of the Pitti Filati exhibitors.

It was great to see the different yarns and design techniques that built up the wall display of ‘Renaissance’. Also to see all the yarn junkies touching, stroking, and cooing over all of the different samplers – likes bees to honey….!

Captured a few of the samplers for sharing, although pictures unfortunately can’t be touched, and squeezed, so you will have to use your imagination…!

ENJOY the colours, yarns and different creative techniques!

Texture & Lace – Spider Web Inspiration

Posted on - 27/06/2012

Designing continues at the Bessie May Studio, and currently a big hit is lace and texture, in bright green of Bessie May Lychee Shade.

Samples moving on well with emphasis on spaces being as important as stitches, as with spider webs – take a look and see what you think! Some beading included along the way…

Exciting – knitted sideways, nice lines emerge.

Texture created by blending Bessie May Smile, with Bessie May Grace – hmmm super kid mohair, silk, and extra fine merino wool – a luxury experience also…

Now design kicks in to next stage – creating a garment that brings everything together…. The best bit…..

Free Pocket Pattern – Bessie May Nettle Wrist Warmers

Posted on - 18/06/2012

At the Bessie May Studio we are building Pocket Patterns – which will do exactly what they are called -‘fit in your pocket’, for all those knitting on the move, or wanting to experiment with as many styles of knitting as possible and built their repertoire, and at the same time create a lovely keep sake or gift!

Pop those needles in your pocket where ever you may be going, on the bus, on the train, going to work, and learn a couple of new stitch techniques, or methods, and always have something at hand to do, that you know you WILL COMPLETE!

Great idea for testing yarns, styles and learning what you really enjoy doing – whether crochet or knit. Also keep photos and stitch information and your library of ideas and inspiration will always be at hand.

Here is our first Pocket Pattern – lovely Nettle Wrist Warmers, created using just a single ball of Bessie May Nettle, so soft, natural, with the knowledge of something different, with Nettle Fibre (un dyed) and Organic Wool. Inspired by having 6 pretty recycled buttons that have been saved forever for that perfect project!

Here you will learn a couple of very useful stitch patterns:

Bramble Stitch, which again does as it says, creates little bramble berries as you build up the four rows of pattern stitch work

Cable, in a simple way, with the cable stitch worked right at the edge, you see the cables growing and framing the edge of the wrist warmer as you go.

If you are nervous of trying cable, this is a lovely project to attempt, as you will see how simple it can really be, and you will see it is worth working with three needles to get the lovely cables in your fabric.

Pattern is downloadable here:

Enjoy, let us know how you get on, and please share pictures of your lovely finished Pocket Pattern Project, so we can post it to inspire others!








Bessie May Grannie Crochet Flower Designs

Posted on - 30/04/2012

What a better way to spend time on a rainy day in the Bessie May Studio than to design some Bessie May Crochet Grannie Shapes. Opportunity to work with the beautiful spring/summer colours of Bessie May Honor, with the aim of making pretty Bessie May Grannie Shapes ‘Flower Design’ building on traditional grannie shapes.

Aim to make a very soft, almost bouncy Grannie Shape, moving away from the traditional ‘double and treble stitching’ used in most Grannie Shapes, decided to use ‘bubble stitch’ where usually you find ‘trebles’. Using green of Bessie May Honor Zing, for a green centred flower, then petals in blues, yellows, and soft sherbet pink, wrapped in a boarder of soft cream of Bessie May Honor Star.

Started with circles with a blend of ‘bubble’ and ‘treble’ stitches, but favourite has become the hexagonal, created with all ‘bubble stitch’, with a pretty ‘double stitch’ frame, with pretty loops (3 chains), so can connect with ease as you go along…!!!

Can see the finished blanket/cushion cover/etc… already – just a few more rainy days required!

Why don’t you have a go…!


Bessie May – Baby Blanket Design only 2 weeks to go…

Posted on - 21/03/2012

Bessie May Studio has a challenge to get a Baby Blanket designed and knitted up in 2 weeks, for a special delivery due in Australia… Boy or girl not known, but a special couple that like naturals and purples, so going with Bessie May Nettle, a lovely soft Aran weight yarn, with a tweedy effect created as the Nettle Fibre is natural, and the organic Wool Fibre is dyed before spinning.

This design has to have real style, and be perfect for a new born, through to a toddler who likes to have a special blanket close by. Not a frilly couple so no shawl lacing, but every baby deserves to be wrapped with a little something special, so a cozy frill it is….

The edging design is completed – creating textured waves, that look like they are crochet, but are really all knit. Not hard to do when you get into the design, although as shaping at each end, to create corners on the blanket, can send your mind wiring a bit…! But will all be worth it…

Chosen shades are Bessie May Nettle in ‘Heather‘ and ‘Nettie‘, as favourite colour of Mum to be is purple…




Bessie May Hug – design progressing well…..

Posted on - 16/03/2012

Bessie May Hug, 100% Pure Wool in 7 solid shades, all used in this winter warmer design in progress for A/W season at the Bessie May Studio. We are debating whether to felt or not, as we think this could create an amazing fabric, but we are quite liking it as it has evolved.

Will keep moving forward, as this is going to be a Bessie May design journey, so end result could look very different, but liking the look feel so far. Sleeves or no sleeves will be another question. Next the back, to start bringing the frame together.

A/W 2012 is going to be all about ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘beige’ in solid structure so this will influence the end result…! Watch this space…!




Be inspired on a ‘Grey Day’

Posted on - 05/10/2011

Grey will always be the cosy black for winter – take a look at some of the Grey cosiness that stood out to Bessie May by some fantastic knit experts.


Think chunky or thin, there is a grey yarn, dark or light ready to go..

Bessie May Design – Annie Mitts (intarsia brightness)

Posted on - 14/07/2011

A must for winter, for inside and out! Long cuffed Bessie May – fingerless Annie Mitts  –  in bright softness. Great as mitts, or can wear as cuffs, by removing thumb and pushing up arm, so you never have to take them off.

Sampling in Bessie May, Smile, DK Light, 100% extra fine merino wool, in ‘battleship‘, ‘lychee‘, and ‘fair‘. Colour and softness is the name of the game, to make these indispensable, in the brightest intarsia style.

Pattern being written up ready for autumn/winter season……


Lace Pattern – Baby Fern Stitch

Posted on - 21/06/2011

This lace stitch is a little gem, and once you get it, it is a relaxing knit that creates such a delicate fabric.

(Sample shown: 3.25 mm needles, Bessie May, Snikel, 100% extra fine merino 4ply (Sorbet))

Foundation: Cast on a multiple of 9 stitches dependent on width required, plus 4.

Row 1: Purl

Row 2: Knit 2. Repeat *knit 2 together. Knit 2. Yarn over. Knit 1.  Yarn over. Knit 2. Knit 2 together.* End with knit 2.

Row 3: Knit 1. Purl to last stitch, Knit 1.

Row 4: Knit 2. Repeat *Knit 2 together. Knit 1. Yarn over. Knit 3. Yarn over. Knit 1. Knit 2 together.* End with knit 2.

Row 5: Repeat row 3.

Row 6: Knit 2. Repeat *Knit 2 together. Yarn over. Knit 5. Yarn over. Knit 2 together.* End with knit 2.

Row 7: Repeat row 3.

Repeat rows 2 through 7 to achieve required length.

Let us know what you think! Look @ Loop Tips for summary of Lace Pattern samplers.

Lace Pattern – Crown of Glory

Posted on - 21/06/2011

If you like creating holes this is a great traditional Shetland pattern, with large eyelets. Looks best in fine yarns.

(Sample shown: 3.25 mm needles, Bessie May, Snikel, 100% extra fine merino 4ply (Sorbet))

Foundation: Cast on a multiple of 14 stitches dependent on width required, plus 5.

Row 1: Knit 3. Repeat *slip 1, knit1, pass slip stitch over. Knit 9. Knit 2 together. Knit 1.* End with knit 2.

Row 2: Purl 2. Repeat *purl 1. Purl 2 together. Purl 7. Purl 2 together in back.* End with purl 3.

Row 3: Knit 3. Repeat *slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over. Knit 2. Yarn over 3 times. Knit 3. Knit 2 together. Knit1.* End row with knit 2.

Row 4: Purl 2. Repeat *purl 1. Purl 2 together. Purl 2. Work 5 stitches: knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1, knit 1 – into large loop formed by the 3 yarn overs in the row 3. Purl 1. Purl 2 together in back.* End with purl 3.

Row 5: Knit 3. Repeat *slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over. Knit 6. Knit 2 together. Knit 1.* End with knit 2.

Row 6: Purl 2. Repeat *purl 1. Purl 2 together. Purl 6.* End with purl 3.

Row 7: Knit 3. Repeat *knit 1. Yarn over and knit 1-  six times. Knit 1.* End with knit 2.

Row 8: Purl

Repeat rows 2 through 8 to the required length.

As each row is a pattern, don’t try this late at night! Let us know what you think! Look @ Loop Tips for summary of Lace Pattern samplers.

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