Bessie May Yarns coming in MakeDoMend Crochet Kits

Posted on - 07/12/2011

Happy to announce Bessie May’s first UK partnership – MakeDoMend are stocking Bessie May Yarns for their Skills and Hen Parties, and will be creating special Kits for Crochet, using Bessie May Yarns!

Watch the news at MadeDoMend Blog!!!!




Bessie May Yarns join in @ Make Do Mend Crochet Pic n Mix Day!

Posted on - 29/11/2011

How exciting – Bessie May Yarns had an outing, and were used by the Make Do Mend experts, at their Crochet Pic n Mix day in November!

Check out their classes – & even Hen Party Treats at their site!

Thanks to Make Do Mend for choosing Bessie May Yarns – we are proud you chose to use our yarns!

Bessie May Partner of ‘Campaign for Wool’

Posted on - 18/11/2011

We are so proud, Bessie May has been approved as a Partner of the ‘Campaign for Wool’ patron HRN the Prince of Wales.

After putting forward an application about Bessie May, and how we are a new business supporting the promotion and utilisation every hour of the day of Wool, by creating our own yarns and sourcing them from perfect mills in Italy, we have been approved as a partner of this important campaign. Take a look at what all partners are supporting, how and why, as well as events as the Campaign progresses.


Lishie-lou Yarns New Arrivals!

Posted on - 18/11/2011

Hurray – the second yarn range for Bessie May, Lishie-lou is launched, aimed at adding something new, fun and so gorgeous, to spice up any design – browse enjoy, and create…..

Bessie May Honor:

Bessie May’s light and soft microfiber yarn. Perfect for stylish, breathable, durable, machine wash, easy care knits – quite a list ticked. Six soft shades, all with a lovely lustre. Bessie May’s Honor is a double knit weight, made of 85% microfibre, and 25% nylon. It has even converted acrylic snobs, as a pure pleasure to work with, at a snip of a price. The finished fabric is soft and stylish with a gentle sheen that catches the light. Perfect for those that cannot wear or work with wool, but should still be able to enjoy the pleasures of a fine yarn.

Bessie May Nettle:

Bessie May’s Nettle – inspiring autumn/winter aran weight natural yarn from the Lishie lou range. Back to nature with 70% organic wool, in 7 autumn/winter soft dusty shades, with a 30% twist of undyed nettle fibre, defining the natural style, and creating a gentle coloured yarn, with a lovely fleck from the natural nettle fibre.

Bessie May’s Nettle has been a hit already, as a new and exciting fibre mix, introduced to the Lishie lou range to bring something different to your designs.

Yes Bessie May Nettle is really made with Stinging Nettle Fibre – a fibre used for all sorts of things by our ancestors, including yarns, weaving, as well as for food and healing, being a strong and versatile plant fibre.

Bessie May Nettle knits into a lovely weight fabric, and is perfect for cabling or showing off deep stitch definition.

Bessie May Grace:

Bessie May’s Grace is a fairy yarn, as light as a feather and soft as a cloud. One ball a single puff, spun from the finest fibers of 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk. A treasure to add that precious twist to any design.

Bessie May Grace, a perfect on trend lace weight yarn, has six delicious colours, all look like they have a light behind them, because of the iridescent colour clarity provided by the super kid mohair quality. All colours also match the Bessie May Smile, Extra Fine Merino, double knit weight yarn, so perfect for adding a special twist to any project, or for a project in its own right.

Bessie May has been waiting for this to be spun, and on arrival can share it is just as heavenly as expected, and is already proving to be in demand.

Bessie May Bee:

Bessie May’s Bee, soft neatly spun 100% cotton yarn, with little cotton ‘bees’ spun into the yarn at intervals, appearing as the yarn unwinds. The ‘bees’ nest gently within any knit or crochet design, creating a light, soft and gentle textured fabric, interesting on both sides.

Bessie May Bee has six fresh and bright colours for the 2011/2012 Spring and Summer season, offering on trend colour palette. We at Bessie May like to be ahead of the curve, so next season design can commence early, bringing some sunshine to our winter.

A double knit-light weight cotton yarn, that is top quality and is so so soft….



Bessie May @ The Big KNIT Exbo – Exeter

Posted on - 18/11/2011

What a wonderful event – the Big KNIT Exbo held on 13 November 2011 in Exeter – over 40 exhibitors and 500 plus visitors. Great day for Bessie May’s first outing of our yarns! Thanks for everyone for making this a wonder day, with lots of interest and support for Bessie May. All yarns were popular, and many were overwhelmed by the Bessie May Colour Palette.

The Fashion Show created a fun opportunity for us to show off some initial designs with Bessie May SMILE, our Double Knit 100% Extra Fine Intarsia, and the first knit with Bessie May NETTLE – 30% Nettle Fibre, and 70% Organic Wool, which was the hit of the show.

Many were amazed when they touched the yarns by their softness and pure quality, as well as the prices being lower than many anticipated.

Our new Lishie Lou Range arrived the week before so we could amaze with our new microfibre yarn, which was popular with those not able to use wool – Honor, and also the bright and soft as a cloud Grace, 70% SUPER kid mohair & 30% Silk. BEE, our soft, bright cotton, also stood out as a popular option, due to its quality, texture and reasonable price.

Thanks for Belinda and Ruth who organised such a great event.






Penguins Needing Jumpers!

Posted on - 20/10/2011

Can you Help?  – Take a look – knitters needed to make jumpers for Penguins in New Zealand.


Celebrating World Porridge Day

Posted on - 10/10/2011

Hey, Hey – Bessie May Snug, in Oat, our fine merino chunky wool, was selected for celebrating World Porridge Day!


It is true – there is a day for everything, but I didn’t expect that a Bessie May yarn would be selected for such a special day!…..

Be inspired on a ‘Grey Day’

Posted on - 05/10/2011

Grey will always be the cosy black for winter – take a look at some of the Grey cosiness that stood out to Bessie May by some fantastic knit experts.


Think chunky or thin, there is a grey yarn, dark or light ready to go..

Bessie May Packs on Etsy

Posted on - 30/09/2011

Bessie May goes live on Etsy this week – sharing our yarns and making them available in single colour or multi colour bundles – positive feedback coming in, excited to join the Etsy community

32,000 Lotus Stems to make 1 meter of Yarn…

Posted on - 17/09/2011


Special Blends and Qualities of Fibre creation continue….

Making suits from the Lotus Plant Fibres! Take a look at the video of how this special fibre is sourced.







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