Happy Days ~ Spring is Springing

Posted on - 30/03/2021

At last Spring is Springing & we slowly move a step forward out of lockdown.

We continue to stay open and sending out lovely parcels of yarn to be created into special things. Thanks to all who have been busy with their Bessie May Yarn purchases, and I hope many hours of happiness have been spent knitting and crocheting while we have all been inside.

We know for sure that there have been many more new knitters and crocheters who have been learning this lovely craft, and many taking up their needles again, in some cases after decades of not doing so, during our months of lockdown, and that at least provides a happy thought from the last year. This has led to many receiving lovely hand made gifts from their friends and loved ones, so the joy has been shared.

It is good to report that the postal service, which has done an amazing job in the last year getting parcels to the right homes, is working swiftly and smoothly again, so no more warnings of delays required, which is of course vital when knitting is needing doing.

Best wishes to all from us, and happy Spring creating, as well as hopefully some precious time with family and friends in the sunshine.


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