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Posted on - 08/08/2023

A summer of sun, wind, rain, and now we are past the longest day, so many options and influences for knitwear design, as sadly even thoughts of Autumn approach.

A great phase to plan for, but still lots of beautiful bright and fruity colours to enjoy.

Colours to lift your heart and lift your designs.

BM x



Bessie May | Spring Colours

Posted on - 21/04/2023

The love of colours goes through all our yarns, whether solids, pastels, dusky, all combinations create so many different themes and styles.

Spring is always refreshing colours and are delicious to work with. We have so many delicious spring fresh colours to choose from – so hope they influence a fun new project for the beginning of another lovely season.

Enjoy whatever you are creating or dreaming of making next.

Best wishes from us at the Bessie May Studio 💕💕💕

New Year | New Creations | New Knit Design Projects

Posted on - 09/01/2023

Always exciting, with a new year; more learnings have been achieved to use and grow from last year. It is always guaranteed that with the wonderful skills of working with yarn there is new and amazing things to learn and make.

Here’s looking forward to another year of dreaming designs, choosing colours and creating beautiful things, that will last forever if loved, cared for and mended if needed. Not many hours of effort and energy result in such a great experience, from start to finish.

Here at the Bessie May Studio we hope we can add to these pleasures in offering ideas and the most most lovely yarns to choose and work with.

Best wishes from us on your first of many projects this year. Enjoy….!

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