Bessie May Grannie Crochet Flower Designs

What a better way to spend time on a rainy day in the Bessie May Studio than to design some Bessie May Crochet Grannie Shapes. Opportunity to work with the beautiful spring/summer colours of Bessie May Honor, with the aim of making pretty Bessie May Grannie Shapes ‘Flower Design’ building on traditional grannie shapes.

Aim to make a very soft, almost bouncy Grannie Shape, moving away from the traditional ‘double and treble stitching’ used in most Grannie Shapes, decided to use ‘bubble stitch’ where usually you find ‘trebles’. Using green of Bessie May Honor Zing, for a green centred flower, then petals in blues, yellows, and soft sherbet pink, wrapped in a boarder of soft cream of Bessie May Honor Star.

Started with circles with a blend of ‘bubble’ and ‘treble’ stitches, but favourite has become the hexagonal, created with all ‘bubble stitch’, with a pretty ‘double stitch’ frame, with pretty loops (3 chains), so can connect with ease as you go along…!!!

Can see the finished blanket/cushion cover/etc… already – just a few more rainy days required!

Why don’t you have a go…!


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