Bessie May – Honor – Shell Design

Bessie May Design continues, with Bessie May Shell lacy summer top, created in – Honor, in a beautiful soft grey/silver, with a soft sheen, creating a summer lacy top suitable for a warm summer evening, or bright spring day..

Design has many advantages, as  easy to wear, but brings style to any outfit, casual or more formal. A soft scooped neckline, can be worn as is, or over either a long sleeved fitted top, or even pretty lacy summer cami top, which can complement any outfit, as colour will go with everything.

Bessie May Honor, is the best quality microfibre, and is so soft it does a good imitation of cashmere, but at a snip of a price, easy care, and lovely to work with – take a look at the on trend Spring/Summer Pastel & Zing colours we have invented – Bessie May Honor Colours.

Lace Stitch work is much more easy than it looks, and made top down, with only seams being on left and right side, creating a lovely hang of the top and arms.

Just need to get this written up – hoping to publish pattern design asap….!

Hope you like…









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