Free Pocket Pattern – Bessie May Nettle Wrist Warmers

At the Bessie May Studio we are building Pocket Patterns – which will do exactly what they are called -‘fit in your pocket’, for all those knitting on the move, or wanting to experiment with as many styles of knitting as possible and built their repertoire, and at the same time create a lovely keep sake or gift!

Pop those needles in your pocket where ever you may be going, on the bus, on the train, going to work, and learn a couple of new stitch techniques, or methods, and always have something at hand to do, that you know you WILL COMPLETE!

Great idea for testing yarns, styles and learning what you really enjoy doing – whether crochet or knit. Also keep photos and stitch information and your library of ideas and inspiration will always be at hand.

Here is our first Pocket Pattern – lovely Nettle Wrist Warmers, created using just a single ball of Bessie May Nettle, so soft, natural, with the knowledge of something different, with Nettle Fibre (un dyed) and Organic Wool. Inspired by having 6 pretty recycled buttons that have been saved forever for that perfect project!

Here you will learn a couple of very useful stitch patterns:

Bramble Stitch, which again does as it says, creates little bramble berries as you build up the four rows of pattern stitch work

Cable, in a simple way, with the cable stitch worked right at the edge, you see the cables growing and framing the edge of the wrist warmer as you go.

If you are nervous of trying cable, this is a lovely project to attempt, as you will see how simple it can really be, and you will see it is worth working with three needles to get the lovely cables in your fabric.

Pattern is downloadable here:

Enjoy, let us know how you get on, and please share pictures of your lovely finished Pocket Pattern Project, so we can post it to inspire others!








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