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Posted on - 26/04/2021

It is exciting to be creating a Blog about looking forward through Spring to Summer, rather than the dreaded COVID.

As we move ahead to May and ability to be more out and about, small spring and summer projects are great to have in the pocket. Boho Crochet, or light tops and jackets in bright and fresh colours, as well as small designs for summer babies are perfect to fit the season.

Bessie May creation is a lovely crochet blanket for a precious newborn due in July, made in the softest Bessie May SNIKEL, 4ply, extra fine merino – so fine and soft and perfect for a precious newly awaited baby.

Enjoy whatever you are working on, and planning next of course…. and the sunshine

Best wishes x

Studio Closure ~ Re open 26 April 2020

Posted on - 16/04/2021

Just to let you know the Bessie May Studio is closed for a week, opening again on Monday 26 April 2020.

Apologies for any inconvenience, but be assured any orders received will be sent on the morning we re-open again.

Best wishes x

Happy Days ~ Spring is Springing

Posted on - 30/03/2021

At last Spring is Springing & we slowly move a step forward out of lockdown.

We continue to stay open and sending out lovely parcels of yarn to be created into special things. Thanks to all who have been busy with their Bessie May Yarn purchases, and I hope many hours of happiness have been spent knitting and crocheting while we have all been inside.

We know for sure that there have been many more new knitters and crocheters who have been learning this lovely craft, and many taking up their needles again, in some cases after decades of not doing so, during our months of lockdown, and that at least provides a happy thought from the last year. This has led to many receiving lovely hand made gifts from their friends and loved ones, so the joy has been shared.

It is good to report that the postal service, which has done an amazing job in the last year getting parcels to the right homes, is working swiftly and smoothly again, so no more warnings of delays required, which is of course vital when knitting is needing doing.

Best wishes to all from us, and happy Spring creating, as well as hopefully some precious time with family and friends in the sunshine.


Bessie May Update | Lockdown 3

Posted on - 05/02/2021

Just to share we are still busy busy busy and sending out orders of beautiful yarn during this third lockdown. It is lovely to think lots of creating is still going ahead while we are locked in again at home and the weather keeps us inside.

All orders we send go via Royal Mail, and seem to be getting to their new homes safely. Things in some areas at the current time may be taking a little longer than usual, as Royal Mail has reduced staffing at some distribution offices and on some rounds at the current time, but does not seem to have stopped parcels getting to their destinations safely.

Please browse and enjoy planning your next design challenge, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any help.

Best wishes to our lovely customers, and keep, keeping on creating beautiful things…. x


WELCOME 2021 | We Are Open ……

Posted on - 06/01/2021

Welcome to 2021 and unfortunately a further lockdown.

We continue to be open and are as busy as ever posting parcels of lovely yarn to their new homes.

Postal services were really strained before Christmas and are still running slower due to reduced staffing and opening times at some distribution centres and on some rounds, but yarn is still getting through at yet another critical time for those who just have to have a new project to keep themselves busy and allow some peaceful time to create and enjoy designing.

We send best wishes for this year to all our lovely customers, and please don’t let anything put us all off our secret pleasure of knitting and crocheting.

Best wishes xxx

HOLIDAY CLOSURE – 17 December 2021 to 3 January 2021

Posted on - 16/12/2020

What a year – many thanks to all our customers who have continued to support us this year and have plunged into lockdown knitting projects and continued to enjoy Bessie May yarns.

We are now closed for the holiday season (17 December 2020) and will open again on 4 January 2021 in what we all hope will be a better year for everyone. Any orders placed during the our holiday closure will be posted on 4 January.

Have a lovely time – and we hope lots of knitting and creating is enjoyed over the holidays.


COVID | Bessie May Update

Posted on - 03/10/2020

Just a quick update on the dreaded COVID situation. We don’t have a podium to stand behind, or any graphs for you I promise. We just wanted to share that we have continued to send yarn, patterns, kits throughout this year, with some challenges with postage, but with orders being received safely with creators.

We plan to continue as before as the year progresses, and we hope that our lovely customers continue to take time to enjoy the pleasure of knitting in this environment of additional stress and challenges for all.

Remember, from the very first stitch pleasure and focus on something special being made is achieved, and continues as the work grows. Be kind to yourself and step back, take a break, and allow time to relax with some knitting. Remember you can enjoy your project wherever you are.

Best wishes from us at the Bessie May Studio x

WE ARE OPEN | Please Contact Us With Any Queries!

Posted on - 29/03/2020

We are open, and planning to continue to send out orders, ensuring safety as we do.

A confirmation message of order completion will be received to let you know your order is on its way. Postal services may not be as quick as normal in some areas, but you can be assured that once confirmed your package is on its way.

Knitting is good for stress ~ so many locked up stashes will be bursting free at the moment for sure and creative ideas for new projects. Pattern Downloads are available as normal, and are downloadable immediately on payment completion, so if you are looking for ideas take a peak at our pattern collection.

We send best wishes, and thoughts to all our customers.

From us at the Bessie May Studio xxx

Classic Bessie May Inspiration | Nettle Wave & Cable Cowl

Posted on - 15/01/2018

A great project for cabling skill growth ~ ending with the Classic Bessie May Nettle Wave & Cable Cowl.

A Bessie May Classic originally launched in 2013 at Ally Pally Knit & Stitch Show.

A lovely project for a few dark January evenings ~ lots already made, but the world needs more Nettle Cowl Style.

Take a PEEK HERE to see more details

~ pattern and yarn (5 x 50g balls) for £21.96, six lovely shades to choose from ~

Enjoy x


Bessie May Nettle – shades of choice


Buon Anno | From Bessie May

Posted on - 10/01/2018

Happy New Year ~ another exciting year for everything Knit.

We are looking forward to new designs, new techniques and new yarn combinations and we hope all our customers are as well.

January is a good time to clear out all those projects nearly completed, and finish off items that are nearly there. You will for sure find things that you forgot you had even commenced, and surprise yourself with how lovely they are.

Enjoy a January of Knit Delights xxx

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