Spring Colour Day!!

Bessie May Studio has got hooked on colour today – Spring is in the air, and pastels and zing colours are influencing the cat walks. Here are some Bessie May pics that make us smile, with the hope of spring just around the corner.

Bessie May design inspiration, and yarns, as well as fabrics & art – could go on all day…..

Yarns and colours to inspire:

Bessie May ‘Bee’ 100% Pure Cotton, with little slugs of cotton bees, bedding into the fabric as it is created – take a peak at the Bee Colours.

& how about some pastels, zing and sheen, in the bestest price, and bestest quality, bestest microfibre- popular Bessie May ‘Honor’ – in the bestest Honor Colour.

Bessie May ‘Snikel’, as soft as it sounds, in 100% EXTRA FINE Merino Wool – the finest qualities, in beautiful soft pastel and fresh colours help to inspire that special project – Snikel Colours.

You can’t miss out on Super Kid Mohair & Silk – beautiful lace yarn, as soft as a cloud Bessie May ‘Grace’, with colours that glow due to the quality of the Mohair which becomes iridescent when dyed – Grace Colours.


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