WindUp One ~ Thanks & Pics

WindUp One organised by Bessie May and Textile Garden was held on Saturday 6 September, and what a great first

Monthly ~ Knit | Stitch | Make | Buy ~ Meet

Seven lovely vendors brought along their goodies for all attending to explore, buy, and learn more about lessons and events they offer, from yarn, crochet, patchwork and quilting, hand dyed fibres for spinning, buttons, lace, ribbon, and knit notions. More information can be found on them here for those who want to look them up after the event.

New Stash Buster Vendors are adding their names to the list for future events, so even more lovelies to explore next time.

Many knit and stitch enthusiasts came from far and wide, which was amazing, and all were so supportive of this first event, sharing what a lovely experience they had, and promising to spread the word and come next month. All are welcome, and the more the merrier

Many who joined in brought their latest project, and sat around the small tables set up, working on their crochet and knit projects, sharing what they had bought, or just taking tea, coffee and cake.

A lovely atmosphere, and people, with the sound of chat and laughing ~ just the best. The four hours flew by for everyone.

Thanks to all the Stash Buster Vendors, the T/coffee and cake makers, and everyone who gave up their time and came along and joined in.

We can’t wait until the next Meet ~ Saturday 25 October, so don’t forget to add it to your calendar.

Check out the WindUp Blog to get up to date information.

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